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Empowering Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

If you are developing a new multiplex PCR system, whether dPCR or qPCR, here’s how Semrock can help you achieve optimum optical filter deployment throughout development and production.

1. Designing

Start with Selection – Semrock offers a wide range of off-the shelf filters compatible with common dyes and probes, catalog options linked below. Alternatively, opt for OEM custom designs, utilizing your specifications, or adjusted from catalog spectral and wavefront performance.


Next, Analyze – Semrock's SearchLight fluorescence spectral viewer and calculation tools help you optimize passband locations for maximum signal-to-background and minimum crosstalk over all optical channels. Consult with Semrock’s experienced world-wide application support team, who will be your partners for multi-channel system design.

Finally, Specify – Semrock understands that dPCR with multiplexed intensity, color and ratio (see illustration at right) using probes with wide, overlapping spectra requires precise optical specifications, including:

  • Precise spectral edge locations guarantee limits on crosstalk
  • Maximal system transmission for reliable intensity control
  • Tailored blocking for best performance at reasonable cost


2. Prototyping

Semrock prioritizes rapid turnaround from filter designs to shipment of qualified filters in prototype quantities at competitive prices. Filters with tight tolerances are shaped to your exacting dimensional standards, and Semrock can incorporate simple housing assemblies if required to speed your in-house workflow.

3. Production

Semrock delivers quality filters meeting consistent specifications and on-time deliveries, driven by highly automated volume manufacturing processes that ensure every single shipped filter passes its quality checks. Note the excellent lot-to-lot spectral consistency in the Figure at right.


SearchLight can be found at: Use SearchLight now. Save time later.

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