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Reduce Complexity with Systems Designed for High-Pressure Applications


Design simplification is paramount to successful high pressure fluidic instrumentation. We specialize in optimizing fluidic system designs for high-pressure applications that reduce complexity and simplify manufacturing and service while enhancing your performance. See a few examples below of our system components including pumps, degassers, column hardware, and fittings for chromatography systems and applications including HPLC, UHPLC and Liquid Chromatography.


Whether you’re working with solenoid or rotary shear valves, integration onto a manifold can reduce the number of leak points and simplify your fluidic design, installation, and instrument manufacturability. By adding a pump, you can expand the functionality of your instrument to add, flush, or pull additional solvents through the system and expand your systems functionality.


Often a pump needs to be more than a fluidic displacement device. Integrating valving and other fluidics into a pump head improves precision and throughput. Adding a degasser will ensure your mobile phase baseline is constantly steady and optimized for maximum peak efficiency and data.

Column Hardware

Adding column hardware can greatly enhance chromatographic performance by reducing peak fronting and inconsistencies in low-flow UHPLC analysis. We offer an extensive line of HPLC and UHPLC Column Hardware that has been optimized to enable selectivity, efficiency, and high-quality separation performance in your flow paths. Our column hardware line comes in a variety of sizes and materials including PEEK-lined stainless steel, bioinert, and metal free.

Get Started on your Fluidic System Design

Our fluidic system design solutions are not limited to those pictured above, and when it comes to creating subassemblies built for high pressure applications, we truly understand that one size does not fit all. Depending on the requirements of your system, our experts will review your intended diagram and propose opportunities to simplify the design and/or make critical improvements to increase performance.

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