Educational Materials

Our educational material section includes guides, glossaries and general information about our products and materials and also consists of definitions to help you better understand terminology utilized internally by IDEX Health & Science, and in the diagnostic and analytical fields. You will also find technical reference links, designed to provide additional resources to our customers.

Fittings Primer

Learn the complexities and functions of nut-and-ferrule fittings using our Fittings Primer.

Polymer Information

Study the Polymer Information chart to learn about analytical solvent compatibility for HPLC.

Injectors Troubleshooting Guide

This guide presents common problems when using manual sample injection valves.

HPLC Center

Visit our HPLC Center to learn about high- and ultra-high performance liquid chromatography.

Chemical Compatibility

Use our compatibility charts to discover what materials are best suited for your application.

Chromatography Forum

Browse or join this group that is devoted to the analytical and scientific communities.

Tech Tips

Examine various topics that will maximize the precision performance of our products.

Materials Guide

Our Materials Guide allows you to view material property and solvent compatibility.

Microfluidic Definitions & Specs

Learn about Microfluidic Definitions and Specifications to assist in your understanding of Microfluidic applications.

Pump School

Jump over to Pump School, an introduction to rotary positive-displacement (PD) pumps.

IP (Ingress Protection) Rating

Use our IP Rating chart to discover the environmental care of our electrical equipment.


Explore our FAQs section to assist in finding the answers to issues you may be facing.

Units of Measure

Explore our Units of Measure section will assist you finding the units and conversions you need for your scientific applications.

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