Pressure Relief Valve Instructions

by IDEX Health & Science

The Pressure Relief Valves and Pressure Relief Tee are supplied with Flangeless Fittings for 1/16” OD tubing.  Please contact IDEX Health & Science for options to connect other sizes of tubing.

  1. To connect your tubing to the inlet and outlet of the valve tee using the included fittings:
    • If you are using polymer tubing, cut the end of the tubing, leaving a square-cut face; if you are using stainless steel or other metallic tubing, simply ensure the end of the tubing is flat and burr-free.
    • Slide the Flangeless nut over the tubing, with the nut threads facing the tubing end being connected.
    • Slip the Flangeless ferrule over the tubing, with the tapered portion of the ferrule facing towards the nut.
    • Insert the tubing with the ferrule in place into the receiving port, and, while holding the tubing down firmly into the port, tighten the nut finger tight.
  2. Attach vent tubing to outlet port of the Back Pressure Regulator with included fittings, using instructions above for Flangeless Fittings.
  3. To replace the Back Pressure Regulator cartridge, or change the cartridge to one with a different psi setting use our Back Pressure Regulator Assembly Guide.
  4. Ensure arrow on the holder is facing away from the Tee.
  5. The Pressure Relief Valve Tee is not supplied with a Back Pressure Regulator.  Choose from our Back Pressure Regulators for the appropriate assembly based on the psi setting for your application.