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Install Super Flangeless™ Ferrules

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super flangeless ferrule system diagram
  1. Slide the nut, steel compression ring and ferrule, in that order, onto the tubing. The flattened end of the ring should face towards the nut with the narrow end of the ferrule towards the ring.
  2. Insert into the internal port. Hold the tubing to the bottom of the fitting while tightening down the nut. Tighten comfortably finger-tight.

Please Note: In some instances, Super Flangeless ferrules for 1/16" OD or larger tubing may be reused*. To do this, remove the ferrule with our LT-300 LiteTouch® Ferrule Removal Tool (or screwdriver). Then install in the new port as usual.

*Not recommended for ferrules designed for 6-32 or 10-32 threaded, flat-bottom ports.