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Looking for more information about Semrock optical filters? Learn more about our optical filter capabilities, find sets by fluorophore, download our 2023 Semrock catalog and more.

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new Nanopede optical filters

NEW Nanopede Filters

2nd Flight Optical Bandpass Filters

Covering the spectrum in even (Flight 1) and odd (Flight 2) 20 nm FWHM steps for essential filter performance at a contained cost.

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download our Raman catalog

NEW Raman Catalog

Designed for Raman Applications

Download our new Semrock Raman Optical Filter Catalog for the latest Raman updates, technical notes, and optical filter product information.

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optical filter set up for quantum computing

Quantum Computing

Partner With Us

Ready to optimize your quantum computing experience with our premium Semrock optical filters?

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graph illustrating spatial biology specific optical filter transmission

Spatial Biology

Maximize Signal Collection

How do you manage the spectral complexities needed for spatial biology analysis? Steep edges and deep blocking are your solution.

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Try SearchLight now

Explore SearchLight

Free Spectral Analysis Tool

Discover 6 simple tips and tricks featuring a few of SearchLight’s many capabilities to help you simulate optical filters, search our catalog, and visualize data.

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group of Semrock optical filters

Intro to Optical Filters

Explore the fundamentals

There are many different types of optical filters, each with its own unique properties.

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