Semrock Optical Filters Resources

by IDEX Health & Science

Looking for more information about Semrock optical filters? Learn more about our optical filter capabilities, find sets by fluorophore, download our 2023 Semrock catalog and more.

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new Nanopede filters extending in the Blue and NUV

Nanopede Filters

Designed for Essential Performance

Filters covering visible spectrum in discrete steps, enabling the balance of instrument cost and optical filter performance.

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group of Semrock optical filters

Intro to Optical Filters

Explore the fundamentals

There are many different types of optical filters, each with its own unique properties.

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bandwidth depicted in a graph

Bandpass Optical Filters

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bandpass filter? What does "bandwidth" mean? How are optical bandpass filters used?

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example of fluorescence depicted by optical filters

Fluorescence Filters

Optimize Your Fluorescence Application

Fluorescence occurs when a molecule absorbs light at wavelengths within its absorption band, and then emits light at longer wavelengths within its emission band.

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