2023 Semrock Optical Filters Catalog

by IDEX Health & Science

2023 Semrock Catalog thumbnail

Our engineers and product management teams have collaborated to provide you with the Semrock Optical Filters Catalog from IDEX Health & Science. With proven results, we give you access to high-level engineering that will help make every photon count in your system.

We welcome our customers to download the 2023 Semrock Optical Filters Catalog. Explore our catalog products such as bandpass optical filters, long pass and short pass edge filters, notch filters, dichroic beamsplitters, and more

To provide a better service, we are transitioning our Semrock optical filter, North American laboratory, university, and government accounts to our distribution partner, AVR Optics. AVR can assist you with all technical and ordering questions. As a Thank You and Welcome Gift, AVR Optics is offering 10% off Semrock products on your first order with them.

Learn more here: www.idex-hs.com/partner-with-avr-optics

For all customers outside of North America, please visit our Distributor Page.

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