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Quantum computing based on ionized atom qubits relies on laser technology for generation, cooling, positioning, and qubit state readout.

At IDEX Health & Science | Semrock, our optical filters serve pivotal roles in the quantum computing landscape by enabling the use of precision lasers in these systems. As the number of laser beams can be quite large, with their wavelengths and specifications derived from spectra of excited states of the atoms, customized optical filters can play a critical role in these systems.

Semrock Optical Filters for Quantum Hardware

We have been at the forefront of optical filter customization and optimization since 2000, pioneering cutting-edge technologies to meet the demands of advanced applications. Our catalog and custom filters cover most of the wavelengths in the UV, visible, and infrared, including wavelengths used for atomic cooling and ion trapping applications.

Our latest innovations address several aspects critical to quantum computing systems, including:

  • Wavelength Precision: Advanced thin film coating process control ensures Precise Edge Placement, industry-leading spectral edge position repeatability within and between production coating batches.
  • Narrow Bandwidth and High Edge Steepness (Narrow Transitions): Short spectral distances between high transmission and deep blocking on narrow-band filters.
  • Durability and Reliability: All filters withstand extremes of temperature and humidity, and come with a ten-year performance guarantee.
  • Great filter performance requires great optical metrology. We ensure our standards through our KolaDeep Spectral Measurement System, whose capabilities include:
    • Deep Blocking Measurements: Up to OD 8-9 across UV, visible, and NIR ranges, with spectral features to OD 11.
    • Edge Resolution: As fine as 0.2% relative to the edge wavelength from 90% transmission to OD > 7.

    The left graph below shows that the design for a six-notch filter agrees with KolaDeep measurements down to OD6-7; the right graph shows a single laser line design confirmed by KolaDeep down to OD 7-8.

    six-notch filter agrees with KolaDeep measurements down to OD6-7

    single laser line design confirmed by KolaDeep down to OD 7-8

  • Angle Tuning with large AOI: Angle-tunable filters for predictably shifting filter spectral profiles for variable or nonstandard laser lines.
  • Hard-coated Thin-film Filters with high Laser Damage Threshold (LDT) ratings

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