Performance, Reliability, Repeatability

by IDEX Health & Science

Superior Performance

Semrock successfully combines the most sophisticated and modern sputtering deposition systems, renowned for their stability, with its own proprietary deposition control technology, unique predictive algorithms, process improvements, and volume manufacturing capability. The result is optical filters of unsurpassed performance that set the standard for the biotech and analytical instrumentation industries.  These exceptional filters are patented and award-winning. We never stop innovating.

Semrock coating roomSemrock’s no burn-out optical filters are all made with ion-beam sputtering and our exclusively single-substrate construction for the highest transmission on the market.  Steeper edges, precise wavelength accuracy, and carefully optimized blocking mean better contrast and faster measurements – even at UV wavelengths.

With a virtually unlimited lifetime and superior performance, Semrock filters help ensure the best possible images. They may be the easiest and least expensive way to improve the performance of your microscope when compared to the cost of upgrading cameras and objectives.


Proven Reliability

All Semrock filters demonstrate exceptional reliability. The simple all-glass structure combined with ion-beam-sputtered hard glass coatings (as hard as the glass on which they are coated) mean they are virtually impervious to humidity and temperature induced degradation, and are easily cleaned and handled.

We confidently back our filters with a comprehensive ten-year warranty to give you peace of mind.  Built to preserve their high level of performance in test after test, year after year, our filters reduce your cost of ownership by eliminating the expense and uncertainty of replacement costs.

The graphs below show how exposure to Xe arc lamp over time affected the spectral properties of each filter. After the first day, the traditional soft coated DAPI filter's transmission dropped by 42%.  We similarly tested other common exciter filters and found that  each soft coated filter experienced loss of transmission and passband shift, while the hard coated Semrock filters remain unaffected.

burn out

graph showing soft coated filter burn out

Semrock filters have been tested to meet or exceed the requirements for environmental and physical durabilityset forth in the demanding U.S. Military specifications MIL-STD-810F, MIL-C-48497A, MIL-C-675C, as well as the international standard ISO 9022-2.

The table below shows some of the key standards against which our filters are regularly tested. 

Environmental Durability TestingStandard/ProcedureTest Description
HumidityMIL-STD-810F (507.4)Aggravated Humidity (> 10 x 24 hr cycles)
High TemperatureMIL-STD-810F (501.4)Induced Hot (> 7 x 24 hr cycles)
Low TemperatureMIL-STD-810F (502.4)Cold (C2) (24 hr cycles)
Physical Durability TestingStandard/ProcedureTest Description
AdhesionMIL-C-48497A ("Tape Test"
HumidityMIL-C-48497A ( Heat
Moderate AbrasionMIL-C-48497A ("Cheesecloth Test" (> 50 cycles)
Solubility/CleanabilityMIL-C-48497A ( immersion in acetone and alcohol
Water SolubilityMIL-C-48497A ( in distilled water (> 24 hrs)


Repeatable Results

Whether you are using a filter from the first run or the last, the results will always be the same. Our highly automated volume manufacturing systems closely monitor every step of our processes to ensure quality and performance of each and every filter. End users benefit from decreased variability between filters and OEM manufacturers can rely on a secure and dependable supply line.

reproducible results