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May 2016

Super-resolution Microscopy Cubes - Guaranteed to Provide λ/2 Flatness

By Heidi Lechner May 2, 2016


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Heidi Lechner
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Super-resolution Microscopy Cubes - Guaranteed to Provide λ/2 Flatness

May 2, 2016, Rochester, NY – Semrock has launched a novel service for Super-resolution Microscopy applications that sets a new standard in performance with guaranteed λ/2 P-V per inch flatness from 1mm thick laser dichroic beamsplitters mounted in off the shelf, commercially available microscope cubes. Maximize SNR and minimize artifacts in TIRF, Confocal, PALM, STORM, SIM, and other super-resolution techniques. Offered at attractive pricing, assembled cubes compatible with popular microscopes are now available as standard catalog products.

“Conventional microscopy cubes can significantly compromise the flatness of the dichroic beamsplitters thereby introducing aberrations” stated Prashant Prabhat, PhD, Business Line Leader at Semrock. “But super-resolution imaging systems are highly sensitive to optical wavefront distortion and demand the highest quality components for best instrument sensitivity. Semrock’s industry-leading λ/2 flatness 1 mm thick laser dichroic beamsplitters minimize focus shift and aberrations in the reflected beam compared to standard products. In order to realize their full flatness potential, these filters need to be carefully mounted in microscopy cubes and Semrock has developed proprietary methods that guarantee the λ/2 flatness required for super-resolution applications.”

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