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IDEX Health & Science Launches New MarvelXACT™ PEEKsil™ Connection System

Nov 30, 2020 by IDEX Health & Science

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Rohnert Park, California, November 30, 2020 – IDEX Health & Science, industry leader in fluidic connections for life science applications, has launched the new MarvelXACT™ PEEKsil™ Connection Systems. Employing patented MarvelXACT™ connections technology, these new bioinert tubing and fitting connection systems are designed to be compatible with low flow applications at high pressures that require low contamination and minimal flow resistance. The new connection systems have an extremely smooth internal diameter and provide a secure dead volume connection which helps avoid carryover and blockage.

“MarvelXACT PEEKsil can be used in all HPLC/UHPLC applications and as a replacement for PEEK and SST tubing especially where chemical compatibility and low absorption is required” said Audrey Schrock, Sr. Product Manager, Valves and Column Hardware. “We are enabling more robust low-flow analysis data for applications that are highly sensitive and require chemical inertness,” continued Schrock.

Other bioinert products supplied by IDEX Health & Science include: MarvelX and MarvelXACT connection technology, 1mm columns, bioinert PEEK-Lined Stainless-Steel Column Hardware and a novel flat film degasser.

For more information about the new MarvelXACT™ PEEKsil™ Connection System, visit our store.

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