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IDEX Health & Science Releases Melles Griot XPLAN CCG Lens Series

Feb 1, 2024 by IDEX Health & Science

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Melles Griot XPLAN CCG Lens Series launch

Rochester, New York, February 1, 2024 – IDEX Health & Science has introduced the new Melles Griot® XPLAN CCG Lens Series: semi-custom fluorescence microscope imaging lenses.

"It is really exciting to see our XPLAN CCG Lens series come to fruition,” said Chad Byler, Director of Engineering, who led the XPLAN product development at IDEX Health & Science. “After extensive work with the leaders in the field of fluorescent imaging, we felt there was a gap in high NA, large field of view, long working distance fluorescent imaging objectives available in the market. This release of lenses brings the performance and capability of our fully custom lenses our customers are used to, but with significantly reduced development costs and timelines, as they continue their rapid innovation of next generation instruments aimed at producing better health outcomes for everyone.”

Advancements in new Life Science technologies are rapidly changing the way we understand health and disease. These technologies allow scientists and researchers to study cause and effect of diseases and evolutions, come up with new diagnostics, drug targets and therapeutics by interrogating millions of targets at the cellular, sub-cellular, and molecular (DNA/RNA) levels at an unprecedented pace. Fluorescence microscopy plays a critical role in enabling the sub-micron imaging capabilities from Next Generation Sequencing, Next Generation Proteomics, and Spatial Biology instruments.

The demand for next-generation solutions, driving higher data and sample throughput, lower cost, and superior image quality for applications, is at an all-time high. While custom lenses from a knowledgeable lens provider can fulfill these ever-increasing data capture needs, not every program can accept the longer lead times and associated development costs. IDEX Health & Science sets a new standard with our Melles Griot XPLAN CCG Lens Series, which provides custom imaging performance with off-the-shelf lead time.

Accelerate your development process by contacting us about this game-changing technology. The IDEX Health & Science, Melles Griot XPLAN CCG Lens Series enables the next generation of life science tools design and manufacturing.

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