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June 2012

IDEX Health & Science Optimizes Fluidic Efficiency with Revolutionary Manifold Innovation

By IDEX Health & Science June 22, 2012


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Oak Harbor, WA, June 22, 2012 — By resolving the toughest challenge to the lifetime of a fluidic manifold — deposits that crystallize in sharp corners and clog the flow path — the patent-pending IDEX Health & Science Spiral TransitionTM improves flow characteristics in manifolds by eliminating sharp turns. Frank Molgano, IDEX Health & Science Director of New Product Development described the new technology, “We can move fluid through a Spiral Transition more efficiently than through a sharp 90 degree turn. Fluids lose energy at a hard corner because of turbulence generated by the change in direction. We can see this in our analytics using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) on the Spiral and on standard 90 degree transitions.” IDEX Health & Science will display a working demonstration of the Spiral Transition at AACC (Booth 1022) in Los Angeles, July 15-19.

For more than 50 years, IDEX Health & Science manifolds and components have been used to distribute fluids in diagnostic and life science instruments. Until the development of Spiral Transition, manufacturing requirements dictated that changes in direction along the flow path within a manifold were limited to sharp turns. This geometry disrupts laminar flow, causing turbulence and areas of low-velocity flow where deposits can collect. In comparison, Spiral Transition promotes a fully swept, laminar flow path at a more consistent speed and pressure.

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