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    New Reusable One-Piece Fittings from IDEX Health & Science Increase Efficiency and Reliability in UHPLC


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    Oak Harbor, WA, February 10,2012 — Breaking through constraints of the past that required a discrete stainless steel fitting mated to each receiving port, the new VHP-320 Fitting for UHPLC from IDEX Health & Science incorporates a one-piece design in which the ferrule cannot separate from the nut, yet allows the fitting system to be reused up to 10 times in multiple ports.

    The design of the VHP-320 fitting assures biocompatibility with a proprietary PEEK-blend (PK) tip ferrule in contact with the flow path. Reusable fittings reduce system downtime caused by changeovers associated with columns, sample loops, tubing, and inline filters. An expanded line of new tightening tools for achieving optimal torque with the VHP fittings is also available. Intensive product testing has demonstrated there is no increase in carryover after 2000 injections when using the Reusable fitting.

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