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    MS Webinar Describes How to Succeed by Breaking the Rules


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    Oak Harbor, WA, May 15, 2012 — An upcoming webinar on Mass Spectrometry describes a number of successful collaborations between senior researchers at IDEX Health & Science and the University of Calgary involving nanoliter-per-minute flow-stream additions introduced between an LC system and a Mass Spectrometer. Titled “Dynamic Low- Flow, Post-Column Mixing before Mass Spec Analyses,” the live webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, June 20, 1p ET / 10a PT. To register, visit

    Bob McCarthy, R&D Director for IDEX Health & Science moderates the lively roundtable discussion that includes guest presenter, Professor David Schriemer, Ph.D., of the University of Calgary, and Darren Lewis, Ph.D., Strategic R&D Technology Director for IDEX Health & Science. Commenting on rule- breaking work in protein analysis with his laboratory team, Schriemer describes their methods as illuminating, “What I can do to improve detectability without restraining how I improve detectability.” He explains that conventional chromatography mandates the least possible interruption to the flow path between the column and the source of the mass spectrometer. Lewis adds, “We learned that through hard experience; however, in this case, our system allowed us to achieve better peak definition going into the mass spectrometer than we would have just by coupling the LC directly to the mass spec.”

    Methods discussed in the webinar evolved during the 15-year collaboration between the two scientists that began when Schriemer and Lewis worked together in Proteomics. Now, in their current R&D roles in the Integrated Solutions Group at IDEX Health & Science, McCarthy and Lewis draw on discoveries originating from that earlier scientific collaboration to help optimize the flow path of current and future MS instruments. “I think the main thing that’s been discovered through all of this is that you can do a remarkable amount of work on a sample even after you’ve separated on a column and still not destroy the integrity of the sample,” Lewis continues, laughing; “We’ve figured every way NOT to do fluidics correctly! That enables us to come up with unique solutions for our MS customers that are more likely to work and suffer less deterioration. For IDEX, that’s the real advantage of this type of collaboration.”

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