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    IDEX Health & Science Releases MarvelXACT™

    IDEX Health & Science Releases MarvelXACT™ UHPLC Connection Systems Offering Chromatographers Repeatable, Reproducible Results



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    Oak Harbor, WA, July 13, 2017 — IDEX Health & Science, LLC announces the release of MarvelXACT UHPLC Connection Systems, the first torque limiting UHPLC connection in the market. “Chromatographers need and want repeatable, reproducible results. A key aspect of ensuring such reproducibility is avoiding guess-work when tightening fittings” said Eric Beemer, Lead Design Engineer for MarvelXACT. IDEX Health and Science has done numerous studies in the field to understand the pain points of chromatography users and find solutions to address these pain points.

    MarvelXACT delivers two key benefits. First, it ensures that optimum torque is reached every time the fitting is installed. It achieves this by a patented torque limiting mechanism preventing under tightening or over tightening with a “click” feedback. This addresses user concerns about leaks, tubing tip damage and port wear. Second, it uses an innovative face sealing technology to minimize additional internal volume. MarvelXACT incorporates a proven, patent pending sealing technology also used in MarvelX Connections which was launched two years ago. This also enables a simple finger-tight operation and provides longer fitting life.

    “Our goal with MarvelXACT was to develop a “worry-free” fitting. By “worry-free”, I mean no leaks, no tip damage, no carryover, peak broadening, or tailing – just repeatable chromatography. I think that’s what all chromatographers want.” Eric Beemer adds. He continues, “Our goal is to make sure chromatographers don’t spend any more time with troubleshooting or fixing fitting related problems, instead just focus on their work!”

    IDEX Health & Science is committed to the growth of the MarvelX product family as evidenced by the launch of MarvelXACT. IDEX Health & Science is looking at ways to further improve user experience and support chromatographers with their broader applications needs. MarvelXACT is available for purchase on the IDEX website. Visit their website to learn more about MarvelXACT.

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