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    IDEX Health & Science Launches New Website with 4000+ Products Featuring Instrument and Laboratory Fluidic Path Solutions and Expertise


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    OAK HARBOR, WA, January 12, 2014 — IDEX Health & Science announces the official launch of its new e-commerce-enabled website featuring a simple 3-click path to purchase, an OEM and end-user focus on education and tools, and informative distributor and customer support. Using strategic vision to provide access to the best in fluidics products and engineering, while exceeding customer expectations for precision, convenience, and innovation, the new website’s robust product filtering and configuration tools make it the premier resource for innovative instrument and laboratory fluidic path solutions.

    “IDEX Health & Science is meeting customer needs in a comprehensive and user-friendly way,” Jeff Urbany, Director of Global Marketing for IDEX Health & Science affirms, “we are listening to our customers and addressing the need for an interactive solution for them to interface with.”

    The new website, located at, includes an entirely new e-commerce function and showcases the easy-to-find standard inventory of IDEX Health & Science fluidic connections, valves, pumps, degassers, column hardware, and manifolds. Thousands of products can now be visualized in precise detail, viewable in large-format 360-degree interactive 3D.

    Constructed using a customer wish list of online features, phase one of the new IDEX Health & Science website streamlines the entire search-to-purchase process in an overhauled online store. Recognizing that the search for fluidic components can itself be complex, the development team incorporated many common consumer features, such as keyword and product type searching. “An engineer doesn’t need to know a particular product number to easily find what they’re looking for; while purchasing agents buying lab consumables can instantly search by product numbers,” described Urbany.

    An engineer or a scientist searching for fluidic components will find exactly what they need without difficulty, and see all of the information about the components more quickly,” added Heidi Lechner, Online Marketing Manager.

    With a dedication to solving the most demanding fluidic challenges in a wide array of markets and applications, the new IDEX Health & Science website offers comprehensive technical data and specifications, as well as detailed theoretical discussions of instrument fluidics based on years of experience by their own scientists and engineers. IDEX Health & Science collaborates with customers to provide a detailed understanding of the fluidic pathway, sharing expertise through online tools, application support, and training resources, to enable customers to easily research and initiate custom products — prior to one-on-one engagement with an application specialist.

    “As the premier global provider of instrument fluidics for life science, we’ve learned from every collaboration—every system we’ve worked on,” said Urbany. “Visitors to this new site can draw on our experience to learn about instrument fluidics in unique and detailed ways. Nobody else has that.” To celebrate the launch and entice customers to explore the new website, IDEX Health & Science is offering free shipping for first orders between now and March, 1 2015. Just use the discount code: freeship. Browse the new website by visiting:

    About IDEX Health & Science LLC

    IDEX Health & Science offers a three-fold advantage to its customers by bringing life to fluidic pathways with products, people, and engineering expertise. These integrated assets work seamlessly together to enable fluidic pathways beyond a combination of components, which collectively position IDEX Health & Science as the forerunner in biotechnology and life science fluidics. Known as industry leaders in the design, development, and manufacturing of liquid subassemblies, fluidic products and related sub-systems, IDEX Health & Science provides the best solution for analytical, diagnostic, and biotech instruments. Product offerings include: fluidic connections, valves, pumps, degassers, column hardware, manifolds, and customized assemblies. For more information visit:

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