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    Greater Lab Flexibility with the Independent-Channel Peristaltic Pump from IDEX Health & Science


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    May 16, 2013 — IDEX Health & Science responds to customer demand by expanding the capability of independent- channel control in a peristaltic pump with the enhanced Reglo ICC for laboratory use. The three-channel ICC (introduced in 2012) is built on our proven accuracy and precision with a re-engineered, long-life drive mechanism, a space-efficient footprint, and digital software control from the keypad or computer. Later this year, a four-channel ICC will be available. Per-channel flow range for the ICC extends from 0.0002 to 35 mL/minute for continuous pumping or precision dispensing. Independent channel calibration minimizes tube-to-tube differences resulting in the best calibration accuracy possible in a multichannel peristaltic pump.

    Commenting on the ICC’s development path, IDEX Health & Science Product Manager, George Bednar described, “In our Voice of Customer interviews, virtually all our customers — laboratory users, distributors, and instrument manufacturers — clearly asked for independent channel control. Prior to this time, no other pump maker had been willing to make the substantial engineering commitment required to bring the ICC to market.” He continued, “Our engineering team took it even further by simplifying the high-precision drive mechanism to make the pump drive last even longer, and added functional capability with the installed software.”

    The control software and graphical user interface on the ICC keypad work together in an intuitive manner to allow the laboratory user to easily develop and save application controls and pump protocols, and then download to the ICC for operation. “Early on, the basic mechanism of a peristaltic pump made it suitable for the simplest transfer of many different fluids from point A to B,” explained IDEX Health & Science lead development engineer, Gunay Ozturk. “What made our pumps so popular in Swiss and German labs has been their unmatched precision at very low flow rates. Now, with independent channels and programmable software control, each channel of the ICC can be controlled, calibrated, and function like a separate, high-precision pump — yet take up no more space on the bench.”

    Bednar explained that peristaltic pumps have typically been used for pumping slurries, viscous, shear- sensitive, or aggressive fluids; and favored for applications where isolating the pumped fluid from the pump mechanism is necessary. He added, “The flexibility and control of the ICC makes it ideal for applications — from medicine to food and beverage production, agriculture, and industry — such as dispensing protective coatings to electronic components. However because of the low-flow accuracy of our pumps, we’re seeing the greatest interest from laboratories that need to dispense discreet buffers and reagents for automated or sequential analysis such as batch-fed fermentations, liquid-phase reactor systems, or controlled feeding distribution.”

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