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    Fluidics Development Kit – Coming Soon!

    What is FDK?

    Branston Williams: FDK stands for Fluidics Development Kits and are products that IDEX Health & Science has developed to help engineers speed up their development cycle and reduce their development costs specifically around fluidic challenges in instrument development. The foundation of a Fluidic Development Kit is a selection of standard components from IDEX Health & Science and our partners that have been integrated together with controls that are easy to setup, easy to use and have been verified for fluidic functions.

    What makes FDK unique?

    Branston Williams: Most OEM component manufacturers don’t really think about the entire fluidic path. What’s unique about FDKs is that they take a broad look at fluidic development from a functional point of view and integrate all the components into a fluidic function. You can have pumps, tubing connections, valves and controls to run all of that in a package that integrates everything together. Each FDK is quick to assemble and gets you as an instrument engineer up to speed quickly. This program lets you validate a component or prove out a concept in order to take the next step in your instrument development.

    Another unique feature is that every FDK uses production-level components. The value here is that when a function is selected the individual components are available to the customer to scale up through instrument production.

    What is an example of a situation where an FDK can best be applied?

    Branston Williams: A typical scenario we find is one where a mechanical engineer is looking to develop a new system. This may be a new platform or a refresh of an older platform. They have been tasked with developing a system that is faster, more efficient, more precise, or smaller. They may be trying to achieve more assay sensitivity or specificity improvements through changes in fluidics. The engineer doesn’t quite know how to get from point A to B and they start finding individual components. The evaluation and integration of those components can be quite cumbersome and require a significant amount of time for multiple engineers. IDEX Health & Science’s Fluidic Development Kits really takes industry-leading components and integrates them in a manner that an engineer or team of engineers can bring up quickly in order to validate a concept through bread board stage.

    Branston Williams is a Sr. Production Solutions Manager with IDEX Health & Science’s Biotechnology team. He has worked in the IVD and clinical laboratory industries since 2008. Branston is part of the IDEX Health & Science team introducing Fluidics Development Kits to the market.

    Aug, 05 2015 | Fluidics Press Releases

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