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  • Benefits of Supplier Collaboration in New Product Development

    Jan 11, 2023 by IDEX Health & Science

    The participation of a supplier that utilizes their own PDP internally can improve both the effectiveness of the product development outcome as well as the efficiency of the product development process. The effectiveness of a supplier is related directly to how well they perform compared against the desired product outcome, while efficiency is related to development costs and the required time for the supplier to complete development. Discover the short term and long term benefits of strategic partnership
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    new product development- benefits of supplier collaboration
  • Welcome Photonics West Attendees to IDEX Health & Science

    Jan 6, 2023 by IDEX Health & Science

    At IDEX Health & Science we are the market leader in providing “enabling” optical systems, vertically integrated from sensors, cameras, optical filters, laser, and optical components through system design, manufacturing, and metrology. We look forward to seeing you at Photonics West 2023!
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    Welcome Photonics West Attendees
  • Hex-Head, Wrench-Flat to Knurled: How to Tighten Fittings

    Dec 1, 2022 by IDEX Health & Science

    Fittings are described by more than just their threads. Another major factor that helps determine what nut to use is the geometry of the head. Learn how to properly tighten the nut.
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    head geometry of fittings
  • Maximize Fluorescence Performance with the Semrock® Avant™ Filter Set Family

    Oct 12, 2022 by IDEX Health & Science

    Each member of the Avant™ Filter Set Family provides significant improvement in fluorescence performance for its corresponding short Stokes Shift fluorophore. Find the rationale behind this development, and how it was achieved.
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    Avant Optical Filters - amplify your fluorescence performance with popular probes
  • How We Partner: Our Product Development Process

    Sep 21, 2022 by IDEX Health & Science

    We deliver quality technology on time to secure your success in highly competitive markets. The more complex a system gets, the more complicated the process required to build it becomes. We simplify product development with our disciplined process that aligns our expertise with your business objectives to take you from conception to market easier.
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    our product development process. our expertise, your ideas
  • New Project Proposal (NPP)—The First Step to Success

    Sep 21, 2022 by IDEX Health & Science

    Have an idea? Looking to partner on a new project? The first step in a new product development project is a proposal. Find guidelines from IDEX Health & Science on how to create a project proposal engineered for success.
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    project proposal guide
  • Optics Course at Fudan University Returns to the Classroom

    Sep 13, 2022 by IDEX Health & Science

    IDEX Health & Science partners with Fudan University in Shanghai, China to teach a program that introduces college students to optics and their role in the life sciences. For the past two years, the course was held exclusively online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This year’s return to in-person classes marked the tenth year IDEX Health & Science has participated. 50 eager students who were excited to get hands-on experience completed the course.
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    optics course returns to Fudan University
  • IDEX Health & Science Wins Best Places to Work at Rohnert Park Facility—a Nine-Time Winner

    Sep 13, 2022 by IDEX Health & Science

    IDEX Health & Science is proud to announce that our Rohnert Park facility in California has won the 2022 Best Places to Work by the North Bay Business Journal! In total, Rohnert Park has won this coveted award nine times.
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    North Bay Business Journal nominates our Rohnert Park facility as Best Places to Work
  • Middleboro Implements New Greener Passivation Process

    Sep 6, 2022 by IDEX Health & Science

    Passivation is a process widely used in metal finishing to prevent corrosion. Recently our Middleboro, MA site implemented a new greener and environmentally friendly passivation process. Learn More.
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    a new greener passivation process
  • Proteomics Versus Genomics

    Aug 30, 2022 by IDEX Health & Science

    What is proteomics and how does it differ from genomics? This post will discuss the definitions of proteomics and genomics, how they differ, and how life science applications are benefiting from this new approach to protein analysis.
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    what's the difference between proteomics and genomics?