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    Technical Notes

    Searching for specific Semrock product notes or in-depth answers on general filter information? Find everything from directions on how to clean a filter to how to properly orient a new filter in a microscope cube.

    Fumbling on how to assemble your filter cubes? Check here for help!

    General Filter Information — Find out more information on the many Filters that we offer.

    Fluorescence Filter Information — We are happy to offer information on the different types of Fluorescence Filters.

    Raman & Laser Optical System Filters — Look into the information we offer about Raman and Laser Optical systems.

    We offer comprehensive, world-class capabilities for design, manufacture and life-cycle support of laser and optical components. Our engineers and technical staff have years of product, application and process experience, and they work collaboratively with you to bring your product to market successfully. Have a question or need some technical support? The following section contains technical notes and capabilites on our optical laser, optical systems and shutter capabilities and products.

    Not sure if you need an Edge or Notch filter for Raman instrumentation? Read on…

    Read through the list and still can’t find the answer you are looking for?
    Call our technical support team at 866-736-7625.

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