SearchLight™, Spectral Plotting & Analysis Tool

    Do you lack accurate spectral tools to design your fluorescence detection instrumentation?

    There are many factors that hinder the development of an accurate fluorescence imaging system. For example, no Centralized Spectral Database can impair progress as you must manually identify, compile, and maintain spectral component data from various global vendors and literature sources. Most spectral visualization tools also limit simultaneous plotting of several diverse components.

    All of these inaccuracies and limitations can lead to suboptimal performance, jeopardize costs, and lengthen instrumentation development timelines.

    To overcome these obstacles, our optical experts have created SearchLight™ — an intelligent online plotting tool that gives you the power to optimize all aspects of your fluorescence imaging system.

    With detailed spectral visualization features and precise system calculations, SearchLight™ takes instrument design to a whole new level. SearchLight™ improves the way you design with advanced features that let you easily select spectral elements, visualize properties, and quickly calculate critical parameters such as signal brightness and signal-to-noise ratios.

    Boost your fluorescence imaging system spectral design with SearchLight™ from IDEX Health & Science. Learn more about Searchlight™ in this video or visit our website.

    May, 10 2019 | Trending Now

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