Optics Basics and Types of Optical Filters

by IDEX Health & Science

Sharpen your optical filter knowledge with our 12-part lecture series on filters. Presented by Turan Erdogan, PhD, these lectures were a part of a day-long group presentation. Dr. Erdogan is a former associate professor from the University of Rochester, Optics Department.

The PowerPoint slides for each presentation are also available from the original lecture. Some of the files are larger and may take a few moments to completely download.

TitleDescriptionNotes / Slides PDFs
Semrock Optical FiltersAn overview of Semrock bandpass filters and other types of optical filters, their scope, applications, and market.Download
Filters for Fluorescence ApplicationsEducational material on the basics of fluorescence, fluorescence-based instrumentation, and types of optical filters such as bandpass optical filters used in fluorescence applications.Download
Filters for Raman Spectroscopy & Laser Apps.An overview of common Raman configurations and types of Semrock filters used for Raman spectroscopy and Laser applications Download
Construction of Optical FiltersBasis of construction of an optical filter considering interference and reflection of light.Download
FlatnessImpact of transmitted and reflected wavefront error on the flatness of a filter. Significance of flatness in the performance of a filter.Download
Non-normal Angles of IncidenceSpectrum of non normal angle of incidence in optical filters.Download
Specifying Filter SpectraAn overview of discrepancy between real and measured spectral data and how to handle it.Download
BlockingAn overview of working with optical density and relationship between blocking and signal in an optical filter.Download
Coherence and Combining FiltersAn introduction to coherence, its types, measurement, and combination of filters to achieve coherent and incoherent light.Download
Dispersion and FiltersImpact of optical filter dispersion and partial impact of dispersion on a filterDownload
Polarization and FiltersAn overview of polarization, its types and why it matters? How the state of polarization is changed by a filter.Download
Tunable FiltersAn overview of tunable filters and introduction to VersaChrome® Filters.Download