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    Rapid prototyping of shrinkable BOPS-based microfluidic devices

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    Biaxially oriented polystyrene (BOPS) is a commercialized packaging material, which has the advantages of biocompatibility, non-toxic, transparency, light-weight and cost-effective. Due to the stress accumulated from both directions in plane during the fabrication process, when BOPS was reheated above the glass transition temperature, an isotropic shrinkage will occur. This study proposed a low-cost and rapid prototyping method for the fabrication of BOPS-based microfluidics device. Both laser ablation and micro-milling were used for the fabrication of microchannels on the surface of the BOPS sheet, after thermal induced shrinkage, microchannels with finer microstructure could be achieved. For the sealing of fabricated microchannels on BOPS, two approaches were made using a layer of BOPS or a layer of polyester adhesive film. The thermal induced shrinkage and bonding strength were carefully studied in this study. Several microfluidic devices, including a droplet generator and a diffusion mixer were also fabricated for demonstration. The proposed fabrication method for BOPS-based microfluidics is simple, rapid, cost-effective and without the requirement of cleanroom facility, with help of thermal induced shrinkage, finer structure with high resolution could be achieved with conventional lab tools.

    Nov, 12 2018 |

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