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    A T-junction device allowing for two simultaneous orthogonal views: application to bubble formation and break-up

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    A novel design for the classical microfluidic device known as T-junction is proposed with the purpose of obtaining a simultaneous measurement of the in-plane velocity components in two orthogonal planes. A crucial feature of the proposed configuration is that all three velocity components are available along the intersection of the two planes. A dedicated optical set-up is developed to convey the two simultaneous views from the orthogonal planes into the sensor of a single camera, where a compound image is formed showing on either half one of the two views. A commercial micro-particle image velocimetry system is used to measure the velocity in the two planes. Feeding the T-junction with a liquid continuous phase and a dispersed gas phase, the velocity is measured by phase averaging along the bubble formation and break-up process showing the potentialities of the new design. The accuracy analysis shows that the error is dominated by a systematic component due to the thickness of the measurement slice. The error can be reduced by applying confocal microscopy to the present system with no further modifications so as to reduce the thickness of the measurement slab thereby reducing the error. Moreover, by sweeping the planes across the region of interest, a full three-dimensional reconstruction of the velocity field can be readily obtained. Finally, the simultaneous views offer the possibility to extract the principal curvatures of the bubble meniscus thereby providing access to the Laplace pressure.

    Jul, 30 2018 |

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