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    A novel integrated microfluidic platform based on micro-magnetic sensor for magnetic bead manipulation and detection

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    We present a novel integrated microfluidic platform based on micro-magnetic sensor for manipulating and detecting magnetic beads (MB). A micro-spiral planar coil in MB manipulating system microfabricated by micro-electro-mechanical system technology is implemented to manipulate MB, and a giant magnetoimpedance (GMI) based micro-magnetic sensor is employed to detect the trapped MB. In our work, MB can be efficiently trapped by trapping force generated from micro-coil in microchannel. Next, trapped MB are detected by the changing ratio of impedance, as well as the variation of resistance and reactance in GMI sensor for trapped MB induce weak stray magnetic field under the magnetization by external magnetic field. The maximum difference of GMI ratio between with beads condition and without beads condition is 4.0% at the optimum driving frequency of 20 MHz under the external magnetic field of 15 Oe, and resistance ratio varies more significantly than reactance ratio. In comparison with traditional MB detecting methods by GMI sensor, the integrated microfluidic platform based on GMI sensor can not only manipulate and detect MB signal sensitively, but also enhance detection efficiency and decrease the experiment errors. Furthermore, this platform avoids contamination from the solutions in chemically reactive layers and reduces assay time in future biomarker detection. In our work, the microfluidic platform based on GMI sensor has potential applications in biomarker detection via MB manipulation and detection.

    Jul, 30 2018 |

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