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    3D-printed microfluidic manipulation device integrated with magnetic array

    Article obtained from Springer RSS Feed.


    This paper reported a transparent, high-precision 3D-printed microfluidic device integrated with magnet array for magnetic manipulation. A reserved groove in the device can well constrain the Halbach array or conventional alternating array. Numerical simulations and experimental data indicate that the magnetic flux density ranges from 30 to 400 mT and its gradient is about 0.2–0.4 T/m in the manipulation channel. The magnetic field parameters of Halbach array in the same location are better than the other array. Diamagnetic polystyrene beads experience a repulsive force and move away from the magnetic field source under the effect of negative magnetophoresis. It is undeniable that as the flow rate increases, the ability of Halbach array to screen particle sizes decreases. Even so, it has a good particle size discrimination at a volumetric flow rate of 1.08 mL/h, which is much larger than that of a conventional PDMS device with a single magnet. The observed particle trajectories also confirm these statements. The deflection angle is related to the magnetic field, flow rate, and particle size. This 3D-printed device integrated with Halbach array offers excellent magnetic manipulation performance.

    Aug, 29 2018 |

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