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How does IDEX Health & Science enable healthcare applications?

IDEX Health & Science is proud to enable critical healthcare applications with vital optofluidic components and subsystems. As one of the few companies in the world with component, sub-system, and application-level experts, IDEX Health & Science helps instrument developers solve the most demanding fluidic and optical challenges across numerous life science applications.

We develop, engineer, and manufacture optofluidic components and sub-assemblies for life sciences and healthcare including Cell Isolation, Flow Cytometry, Raman Spectroscopy, Hematology, Next-Generation Sequencing, Point of Care, and more:

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At IDEX Health & Science we believe partnership will change the way the world innovates, leading to new technologies that improve our health, protect our planet, and enrich our lives. Learn more about our contributions to healthcare below or learn more about IDEX Health & Science here.

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