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  • Advanced Spectral Measurement Systems and Semrock Optical Filters

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Learn more about the features of the proprietary tools developed by IDEX Health & Science, including the established Peregrine and the new KolaDeep™ Spectral Measurement Systems in this white paper. Learn More

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  • 2023 Semrock Optical Filters Catalog

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Our engineers and product management teams have collaborated to provide you with the Semrock Master Catalog from IDEX Health & Science. With proven results, we give you access to high-level engineering that will help make every photon count in your system. Learn More

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  • Selecting Filters for Fluorescence Multiplexing

    By IDEX Health & Science

    The steady advances in optical thin film deposition technology over recent decades have enabled production of high performance multiband optical filters that address the increasing demand for multicolor fluorescence instrumentation. Though there is now a wide range of available catalog filters designed for a large variety of fluorophores, selecting suitable filters is often a complex process. Here we present considerations relevant to the design of such a multiplexing system. Learn More

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  • Filter Spectra at Non-normal Angles of Incidence

    By IDEX Health & Science
    While most applications call for optical filters to be used at normal incidence, it is important to understand how the spectral properties of different types of filters change when using these filters a non-normal angles of incidence (AOI). There are two main effects exhibited by all filter spectrum as the angle is increased from normal which are discussed in this article.

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  • Introduction to Fluorescence Filters

    By IDEX Health & Science
    Optical fluorescence occurs when a molecule absorbs light at wavelengths within its absorption band, and then nearly instantaneously emits light at longer wavelengths within its emission band. For analytical purposes, strongly fluorescing molecules known as fluorophores are attached to biological molecules and other targets of interest to enable identification, quantification, and even real-time observation of biological and chemical activity. Fluorescence is widely used in biotechnology and analytical applications due to its extraordinary sensitivity, high specificity, and simplicity.

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  • Laser Damage Threshold

    By IDEX Health & Science
    Laser damage to optical filters is strongly dependent on many factors, and thus it is difficult to guarantee the performance of a filter in all possible circumstances. Nevertheless, it is useful to identify a Laser Damage Threshold (LDT) of pulse fluence or intensity below which no damage is likely to occur. Laser damage may be broadly classified into two types: absorption-driven and dielectric-breakdown damage. Which type dominates depends on the material properties (absorption coefficient, specific heat, melting temperature, as well as defects that cause scattering and concentrated electric field effects), geometric properties of the sample (thickness, homogeneity, surface morphology, etc.), and of course the properties of the laser beam itself.

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  • How to Calculate Luminosity Dominant Wavelength and Excitation Purity

    By IDEX Health & Science

    In this article we briefly describe the method to calculate the three main parameters that fully specify color in this system: luminosity, dominant wavelength, and excitation purity. Learn More

  • Leica Cube Assembly Quick How-To Guide

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Explore our step by step guide to add a Semrock optical filter set to Leica DM-K, DM-R and DM-IRB cubes. Learn More

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  • Zeiss ZHE Cube Assembly Quick How-To Guide

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Explore our step by step guide to add a Semrock optical filter set to a Zeiss ZHE cube. Learn More

    zeiss cube assembly guide thumbnail
  • Zeiss Threaded Filter Cube Assembly Quick How-To Guide

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Explore our step by step guide to add a Semrock optical filter set to a Zeiss Threaded Filter cube. Learn More

    Zeiss Threaded Filter Cube Assembly Guide thumbnail