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  • Find Your Optical Filters Guide

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Unsure if catalog, custom, or hybrid optical filters are right for your project? Explore our step-by-step guide to find the best Semrock optical filter for your application. Learn More

    Finding Your Filters - explore our step-by-step guide
  • Sputtered Thin-film Coatings

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Optical thin-film coatings can be deposited by a variety of methods. Traditionally the most popular methods for depositing multilayer coatings – required for higher-performance mirrors and filters – include thermal and electron-beam (e-beam) evaporation and ion-assisted e-beam evaporation (IAD). Learn more in this tech note. Learn More

  • Working with Optical Density

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Optical Density – or OD, as it is commonly called – is a convenient tool to describe the transmission of light through a highly blocking optical filter (when the transmission is extremely small). Learn More

    StopLine OD Graph
  • Notch Filters

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Notch filters are ideal for applications that require nearly complete rejection of a laser line while passing as much non-laser light as possible. The main drawback of standard thin-film notch filters has been a limited passband range due to the fundamental and higher-harmonic spectral stop bands. Learn More

    Notch Optical Filter Graph
  • RazorEdge and MaxLine are a Perfect Match

    By IDEX Health & Science

    The Semrock MaxLine and RazorEdge U-grade optical filters make an ideal filter pair for applications like Raman spectroscopy – they fit together like hand-in-glove. Learn More

    MaxLine and RazorEdge
  • Measurement of Optical Filter Spectra

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Due to limitations of standard metrology techniques, the measured spectral characteristics of thin-film interference filters are frequently not determined accurately, especially when there are steep and deep edges. Learn more about IDEX Health & Science | Semrock's solution to measure optical filter spectra. Learn More

    Figure 1
  • Finding the Right Dichroic Beamsplitter

    By IDEX Health & Science

    IDEX Health & Science makes a wide variety of 45º dichroic beamsplitters optimized for different purposes. Learn more about selecting the right dichroic beamsplitter. Learn More

    Dichroic Beamsplitter
  • Exclusive 2024 Photonics West Trading Cards

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Download our Exclusive 2024 Photonics West Trading Cards! Learn More

    Photonics West Trading Cards
  • Semrock Raman Optical Filter Catalog

    By IDEX Health & Science

    What optical filters should you consider for Raman Spectroscopy applications? Download our new Semrock Raman Optical Filter Catalog for the latest Raman updates, technical notes, and optical filter product information. Learn More

    semrock optical filters raman catalog thumbnail
  • General Filter Information

    By IDEX Health & Science

    Looking for spectral measurements, how to measure OD, or information on filter packaging? Find tech notes about optical filters. Learn More

    Semrock individual optical filters