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IDEX Health & Science: Proteomics Video Series

Mar 12, 2024 by IDEX Health & Science

Proteomics is a new frontier in life science research that will reveal invaluable scientific insights to detect and treat a wide range of diseases. Watch our video series to learn more and how IDEX Health & Science can help you develop your Proteomics platform.

Video 1: What is Proteomics

Proteomics is the fastest-growing sector in Multiomics and is rapidly growing in life sciences applications. But, what is Proteomics, and what are the benefits?

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Video 2: Derisk Your Proteomics Launch

Looking to pivot your instrument development focus from NGS to protein-based detection with Proteomics? At IDEX Health & Science, we know that Proteomics is the fastest growing segment of Multiomics and is the focus of a new class of life sciences applications. Companies looking to enter the Proteomics space need a competitive advantage. 

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Video 3: Build a Proteomics Optofluidic System with Ease

Are you looking to develop an instrument platform for use with proteomics applications but not sure how to proceed? Don't waste time tweaking a system built with off the shelf components, not designed to meet your specific needs. Skip the guesswork by partnering with IDEX Health & Science to build entire turnkey optofluidic subsystems.

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Video 4: Multiplexed Proteomics

Multiplexing combined with Proteomics is enabling major advancements in single-cell workflows---allowing the detection of multiple analytes of interest in an experimental run to quantify thousands of proteins at once. To be successful in this area of biomedical research, you need a high throughput / high-resolution optofluidic system to measure significantly more information rather than just a single parameter.

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