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Diffusion Bonded Manifolds

May 15, 2024 by IDEX Health & Science

Diffusion Bonded Manifolds by IDEX Health & Science

Manufacturing of Diffusion Bonded Acrylic and Ultem Manifold

IDEX Health & Science offers high-quality diffusion bonded manifolds. Material selections include Acrylic (PMMA) for cost effective manifolds, and Ultem™ (PEI), which can withstand high-temperatures and offer superior chemical resistance. Our diffusion-bonded manifolds are biocompatible—ideal for biological analysis that include “sticky” biologics such as antibodies, IgA, and viral samples.

With over 60 years of experience, IDEX Health & Science has perfected CNC machining and processing of diffusion bonded manifolds. Our machining and precision bonding methods ensure tight tolerances and channel sizes. With our quick prototyping, high-precision manufacturing, testing, and inspection protocols, our manifold experts can ensure you get your system online quickly.

Benefits of Ultem Diffusion Bonded Manifolds

Ultem (PEI) is made from an amorphous thermoplastic with an amber color. Due to its physical characteristics, Ultem manifolds can be bonded to create more chemically resistant manifolds. 

  • It’s easily bonded
  • Offers design flexibility
  • Can withstand high temperatures up to 215°C
  • High tensile strength
  • Ideal for applications that use more aggressive reagents such as organic solvents and bleach
  • Tight tolerances

Benefits of Acrylic Diffusion Bonded Manifolds

Acrylic manifolds (PMMA) are fully transparent and often are used as a cost effective solution for manifolds routing less aggressive reagents.

  • Provides optical clarity--can be buffed, vapor polished, and flame polished for glass-like clarity
  • Cost effective
  • Low water absorption and resistant to detergents and dilute inorganic acids
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 160°C

Contact us to learn if an Ultem or Acrylic manifold is right for your fluidic application, and how we can quickly turnaround a solution manifold for you.

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