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Custom Part Builder Tutorial

Mar 20, 2024 by IDEX Health & Science

See Custom Part Builder Tutorial in action

Explore the newest feature of our Custom Part Builder: instantly check the availability of our in-stock optical filter products.

  • Check the availability of optical filters in all sizes
  • Better estimate when your products will arrive to streamline your planning process
  • Available on all optical filter product pages

Watch our video tutorial here:


View our step-by-step tutorial here:

Step 1: Search for Your Product

Step 1: Search for your product through the search bar in the top right corner of, or by visiting our Individual Optical Filter or Optical Filter Sets product pages.

Step 2: Toggle the Custom Part Builder

Step 2: Toggle the Custom Part Builder Availability Feature listed to the right of the product’s spectral data.

Step 3: Enter Your Custom Specs

Step 3: Select your custom specs or standard sized catalog product.

Step 4: Calculate to Confirm Product Stock

Step 4b: In stock

Step 4: Press ‘Calculate’ to see if your desired product is in stock.

Note: Don’t worry if your desired product is not available at the moment. Contact us for estimated lead times for your product by clicking here.

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