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2023 Optics Photo Contest

Sep 29, 2023 by IDEX Health & Science

win a free optical filter - participate in the 2023 optics photo contest

Welcome to our 2023 Optics Photo Contest. Join the life science optics community in the rare opportunity to feature your best scientific images curated with optical filters. We want to turn the spotlight on individuals who exemplify mastery in their field and demonstrate their expertise using optical filters to capture every photon possible.

Our favorite entrees will be awarded a free optical filter from one of our newest and innovative Optical Filter Families: Nanopede™ or Avant™.

Apply now by completing the form below!

Submissions Close on November 17th, 2023.

Who is the 2023 Optics Photo Contest for?

  1. For the growing, global life science optics community who create images of their applications that stand apart via their expertise, research, and creativity. Through this contest you can showcase your ability to push the limits of your work within the life science industry.
  2. A forum that brings people together within the life science optics community. Through this contest, we hope you will enjoy sharing examples of fluorescence imagery. Example applications include DNA sequencing, fluorescence microscopy and imaging, flow cytometry, high-throughput screening, point-of-care diagnostics, Raman & FTIR spectroscopy, fluorescence guided surgery, spatial biology and more. Here, professionals throughout the industry can acknowledge each other and be inspired by a diverse set of work.
  3. Open to all professionals regardless of field or application within the life science industry.

How to Enter

Enter the IDEX Health & Science | Semrock 2023 Optics Photo Contest by providing all of the required information in the entry form below on this website. This form will be available until the contest deadline of November 17th, 2023. One submission per applicant.

Submission Recommendations

Image data file format JPEG, 3840 x 2160 pixels minimum, file size up to 15 MB.

Please note: After you hit submit, you will be given instructions on how to send your photo submission.

For further information about how IDEX collects, uses, and discloses personal data, please refer to our Business Contract Privacy notice.

Review our Contest Terms & Conditions

Examples of Past Entries

Fern sori (spore capsule)

By: Daniel Han, Microscopist at Diatoms Australia

Image Title: Fern sori (spore capsule)

Image Details: “Spores in capsules found on fern leaves after a storm, autofluorescence. Ferns reproduce asexually and sexually. The asexual component known as sporophyte is commonly found. The autofluorescence is strong and beautiful with fern.”

Instrument or platform used to create this image: Olympus Microscope, Semrock DAPI filter set

Micropatterning of reconstituted microtubules

By: Daisuke Inoue, Assistant Professor at Kyushu University

Image Title: Micropatterning of reconstituted microtubules

Image Details: “A stitched image of fluorescently labeled microtubules. In the image, microtubules were assembled on a micropatterned glass substrate.”

Instrument or platform used to create this image: Nikon Ti2-E inverted microscope (Nikon) equipped with a FITC Nikon fluorescence filter cube and a filter cube with a 50/50 mirror (Chroma). sCMOS Zyla5.5 (Andor) newly developed TIRF microscope (OPTO-LINE, Inc., Japan)