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Step through the Spectrum with Nanopede™ Filters

Feb 15, 2023 by IDEX Health & Science

Nanopede Optical Filters designed specifically for Flow Cytometry now in NUV

Flow cytometry interrogates cells through scattered light measurements and fluorescent markers. In spectral flow cytometry, the fluorescence is collected across the entire spectrum using discrete, back-to-back (spectrally adjacent) optical filters. Then the photons are binned such that spectral unmixing can resolve which fluorescent markers are present in the interrogated cell. As such, spectral flow cytometry requires filters covering the UV, visible, and NIR in discrete steps, which may lead to a desire to balance instrument cost and optical filter performance.

Discover the Nanopede Filter Family

IDEX Health and Science understands these needs, and we are proud to announce our latest Semrock brand optical filters, which cover the near UV and visible spectrum in 20 nm Full-Width, Half-Max (FWHM) steps. The first eighteen filters in the Nanopede family have been designed with your application in mind:

  • Coverage of the spectrum in discrete steps using uniform specifications so you can focus on flow cytometry innovation, with more filters to provide transmission in the NIR coming soon.
  • ODavg > 5 blocking from 330 to 900 nm, so you can optimize for the blocking depth and range you need.
  • ODabs > 5 at key laser wavelengths to assist in reducing light source bleedthrough.
  • Hard coated for consistent performance without degradation throughout your flow cytometer’s entire life span in addition to intra-instrument reliability for your most demanding applications.
  • Availability in 12.5 mm housed standard sized filters with 10 mm clear aperture, providing a compact filter package. (Custom sizing is also available to fit your unique instrument footprint.)
  • Available now to support your immediate prototyping needs through future volume production requirements.

The Semrock Nanopede bandpass optical filter family provides a value approach to optical performance for your application. Nanopede is just the beginning of our evolving flow cytometry product line to match the rapidly developing flow cytometry market. Our understanding of filter performance for flow cytometry applications is why we offer a filter designed to the exact specification required. We understand each flow cytometry instrument is different; partner with us on custom optical filters to meet your specific application needs.

Nanopede Filter Family transmission data and close-up of FBP01-620/14 with its two neighboring filters

Figure 1: The Nanopede Filter Family offers T > 93%. A close-up of FBP01-620/14 with its two neighboring filters is on the right.

Nanopede filters offer OD5 blocking and close-up of FBP01-620/14 with its two neighboring filters


Figure 2: The Nanopede line offers OD5 blocking. A close-up of FBP01-620/14 with its two neighboring filters is on the right.

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