Optical Filters FAQs

Here we have provided comprehensive lists of commonly asked questions regarding our Semrock optical filters and related applications. This information is designed to support your inquiries, but if you don’t find the answers you are looking for we encourage you to contact us for further assistance.

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How do we create part numbers for optical filters?

General product naming conventions are as follows:

GMBW = Guaranteed Minimum Bandwidth Occasionally there will be an additional ending to the part number after the diameter/dimensions are called out. The addition of a "-D" indicates that a part is unmounted. In this case, the diameter of 25 means that diameter of the glass substrate is 25mm. The addition of a "-N" calls for a part to be unmarked and will not include the Semrock logo, part number, or arrow to indicate the proper orientation.

In the case of a multiband or multi-notch filter, the multiple bands will be called out in an xxx/yyy format, as in this multiband dichroic.

FF01 optical filter naming schema

multiband or multi-notch filter naming schema

For those parts who have multiple grades available for purchase, the grade is specified in this way:

for optical filters with multiple grades, here is the naming schema

The following is a guide to help you correlate part numbers and product families. It is not intended for users to create part numbers.

AbbreviationStands For...Product Family
BLPBasic Long PassEdgeBasic™
BSPBasic Short PassEdgeBasic™
-Dunhoused, has no metal ringAll
EE-grade filterRazorEdge®, StopLine®
FDiFlattest dichroic, used for imaging applicationsBrightLine®
FFFluorescence filterBrightLine®
FRETFluorescence resonance energy transferBrightLine®
HgPeriodic symbol for mercuryMaxLamp®
LDLaser diodeMaxDiode®
LFLaser fluorescenceBrightLine®
LLLaser lineMaxLine®
LMLaser muxLaserMUX
LPLong passBrightLine®, RazorEdge®
LPDLong pass dichroicRazorEdge Dichroic
-Nnot markedAll
NFNotch FilterStopLine®
PBPPolarizing bandpassPolarizing bandpass
QDQuantum DotBrightLine®
RReflectedBrightLine®, RazorEdge®
SS-grade filterRazorEdge®, StopLine®
SDiShort-pass dichroicBrightLine®
SPShort passRazorEdge®
-STRSutter Threaded RingAll (≤ 2 mm substrate required)
TBPTunable bandpassVersaChrome®
UU-grade filterRazorEdge®, StopLine®