Optical Filters FAQs

Here we have provided comprehensive lists of commonly asked questions regarding our Semrock optical filters and related applications. This information is designed to support your inquiries, but if you don’t find the answers you are looking for we encourage you to contact us for further assistance.

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How can my company check if a filter meets the cosmetic specification?

Each Semrock-brand optical filter shipped by IDEX Health & Science has been inspected and found to pass the relevant cosmetic specifications, using the ANSI or ISO 10110 inspection procedure as appropriate. If the customer wishes to check if a filter meets the cosmetic specification, it is again necessary to follow the applicable cosmetic inspection procedure.

To check a limited number of filters for cosmetics, an RMA can be used to return the filters to the IDEX Health & Science production facility for inspection; the results of the inspection will be shared with the customer.

If filters are to be checked for cosmetics on an ongoing basis at the customer site, the customer must set up an inspection method that is consistent with the appropriate cosmetics standards. Our team is happy to advise on the essential steps and requirements but cannot be responsible for implementing those inspection methods at the customer site.

Establishing such a cosmetic inspection system usually requires the help of someone experienced in this process, who will purchase the relevant standards document, visualization equipment, and comparison standards. This person will then set up a training program for those who will use the inspection system on a day-to-day basis.

Check out our informative video on cosmetic inspections.