Fluidics FAQs

Here we have provided comprehensive lists of commonly asked questions regarding our fluidics products and related applications. This information is designed to support your inquiries, but if you don’t find the answers you are looking for we encourage you to contact us for further assistance.

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What plastics can be diffusion bonded?

Most thermoplastics including acrylic, PVC, Ultem® polyetherimide, and polycarbonate.

Diffusion bonding is a thermal process that fuses layers of material together, forming a permanent bond. Depending on your application requirements, IDEX Health & Science can bond many clear and colored materials like acrylic and GE Plastics’ Ultem® polyetherimide. We may be currently bonding material you are using or may have diffusion bonded prototypes on hand (or in stock).

IDEX Health & Science also employs other bonding methods that may be more appropriate for your application, like adhesive bonding, and solvent bonding.