Fluidics FAQs

Here we have provided comprehensive lists of commonly asked questions regarding our fluidics products and related applications. This information is designed to support your inquiries, but if you don’t find the answers you are looking for we encourage you to contact us for further assistance.

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Is it all right to specify screw thread inserts, sometimes called Helicoils, in my part?

Screw thread inserts may be a life-long source of stress in your part.

Screw thread inserts (STI) can cause continual radial stress in plastic because of the nature of how they are held in the material, but STIs can still be used in many applications. We recommend that ultrasonically installed inserts be considered as an alternative. The part will need to be annealed.

IDEX Health & Science would need to make a recommendation whether or not to use STIs after reviewing your application and material.