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Here we have provided comprehensive lists of commonly asked questions regarding our scientific cameras. This information is designed to support your inquiries, but if you don’t find the answers you are looking for we encourage you to contact us for further assistance.

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What do AIMO and NIMO mean? Why do some e2v CCDs have much higher dark current than others?

AIMO = Advanced Inverted Mode Operation. NIMO = non-IMO. Some e2v CCDs, such as deep depletion devices, cannot be operated in inverted mode. As a result, dark current is 100-200X higher than AIMO CCDs. Instead of 0.1 electron per pixel per second (eps) of dark current, for example, expect 10 eps. AIMO vs NIMO is not a choice made by a camera manufacturer like FLI. The CCD is manufactured by e2v either as AIMO, IMO, or NIMO.