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Illumination Solutions: Optimizing Performance, Reducing Cost, and Minimizing Complexity

Fluorescence imaging has revolutionized the study of biological samples with significant advances being made in research and clinical applications. As a partner in that revolution over the last 25 years, IDEX Health & Science has provided illumination solutions for demanding applications in Flow Cytometry, Confocal Microscopy, Next Generation Sequencing, Spatial Biology, Next Generation Proteomics. These applications need to image rapidly – from flow cells microarrays and multi-well plates to tissue samples on a slide.

An instrument’s throughput, however, is often limited by its ability to uniformly illuminate the full field of view with sufficient excitation light at the desired wavelengths. This challenge is often combined with the necessity to acquire aberration free images from the matching field of view of the sample. As those application can be used for clinical diagnosis, treatment, and personalized medicine, throughput is a significant cost barrier to widespread adoption. IDEX Health & Science illumination solutions addresses these needs.

available illumination wavelengths

How can you improve the throughput of your flow cell analysis?

The custom Wide Field Illumination Module from IDEX Health & Science is your solution. By offering instrument designers a superior option to consistently cover more imaging area, we can deliver up to five wavelengths directly to the sample with a line or rectangular flat-top, speckle-free, spatial profile at high intensity. These direct or fiber coupled modules allow you to both optimize performance and cost, while reducing your instrument’s size and complexity.

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Design of a high-throughput imaging system requires delivering uniform illumination of high-intensity output over a large field of view at multiple wavelengths. Therefore, novel beam-shaping technologies need to be designed to ensure aberration free imaging of biological samples – that not only minimizes photo-damage to the sample but enhances overall system throughput.

  • High power reliable diode and LED illumination modules matched for the fluorophores
  • Flat-top speckle free wide field illumination (2D and Line)
  • Beam shaping to match sample field of view to sensor
  • Compact drop in footprint ideal for Field Replaceable Units

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