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From Source to Sensor, We Have You Covered

Jun 13, 2022 by IDEX Health & Science

optical imaging systems enabling high throughput fluorescence imaging


IDEX Health & Science is the market leader in providing best-in-class solutions for maximizing throughput and resolution in Life Science instruments. Our expertise in system design, manufacturing, and metrology of imaging optics, cameras, and optical filters enables our customers to go to market faster with less risk. Leading manufacturers depend on IDEX Health & Science’s line of optical solutions to enable their unique platform technologies.

As part of IDEX Health & Science’s strategic plan to become an optofluidic solution provider to the life science instrument development market, the Melles Griot business line was integrated into IDEX Health & Science in 2015. Founded in 1969, Melles Griot is unparalleled in providing enabling optical systems, vertically integrated from components through system design, manufacturing, and metrology. Combining our advanced optical capabilities, and decades of experience in critical applications, we are your best partner to take you from prototype to commercialization.

maximize your throughput

The core of our capabilities enable high throughput fluorescence imaging achieved through a combination of:

  • High power multi wavelength flat-top illumination with beam shaping
  • High NA, large field of view, edge to edge diffraction-limited optics
  • CMOS cameras to optimize field of view
  • Signal optimizing Semrock optical filters
  • Full source to sensor or subsystems

Every component impacts system-level performance. For an instrument to operate at optimum performance, each component must interact seamlessly. But, when integration is compromised with independently developed components, the system will not be optimized for best performance resulting in costly delays to commercialization.

To avoid the uncertainty of off-the-shelf components not characterized to fully enable your system’s optical path, integrate with a custom optical system from IDEX Health & Science.

product development process

We are your partner to support the design and development of unique, high-performance, optical systems that are optimized to meet the ever-increasing performance requirements of life science applications. Our experts create innovative optical solutions that balance price and performance, meet development timelines, and exceed market expectations.

By using our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, we develop optimal solutions with your total system in mind from the start. Our optical expertise in system assembly and alignment ensures superior product quality and best in class performance.

Tour our facility by watching the video below and learn more about our optical systems capabilities

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