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Our Design-Through-Manufacturing Approach Is Your Solution

When you partner with IDEX Health & Science to design and build a source to sensor imaging subsystem for your life science application, you get a system optimized for resolution and throughput. Our expertise in all aspects of optics, combined with our proven design-through-manufacturing approach, is your solution.

Systems engineering always requires trade-offs that can have significant consequences in terms of performance, price, and reliability. This maxim is especially true for an optical imaging system where the overall instrument must work flawlessly every time with illumination, imaging optics, spectral filters, autofocus, detection, and all other supporting, opto-mechanical, and electronic component interfaces.

maximize your throughput

What Type Of Optical Solution Do You Need?

Enabling High Throughput, High Resolution Imaging:

  • Multi-wavelength, speckle free, high power laser diode and / or LED illumination modules matched to your fluorophores
  • Flat-top wide field illumination with beam shaping to match sample field of view to sensor for maximum photon budget
  • High NA, large field of view, edge to edge diffraction-limited optics to maximize image content
  • Board level and catalog CMOS sensors optimized for sensitivity resolution and throughput
  • Custom or catalog filter designs for optimal signal to noise ratio performance
  • Opto-mechanics for maintaining perfect alignment of all optical components through build, shipping and during the installed life of the instrument

Don’t risk off-the-shelf parts that weren’t designed to function together as a system. Let us design and build a fully integrated system for your instrument.

Partner with IDEX Health & Science for OEM Optical Systems Development

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Learn more about our Custom Optical System Capabilities by watching the video below