The TitanHP 8/9 valve - small size, outstanding performance


TitanHP 8/9 Selection and Distribution Valve

Small in size and delivering substantial performance the TitanHP 8/9 valve was designed and tested to ensure reproducible, predictable performance. With optimized internal passages to reduce system pressure and ensure full biocompatibility, this valve has been tested over millions of cycles to ensure minimal downtime and reduced total cost of ownership.

Available for use with 6-40 UNF 2B fittings, or manifold mounted, the TitanHP 8/9 valve gives you the flexibility to design your custom system, without concern for carryover of wash solutions, reagents, or buffers.

TitanHP valve manifold mounted

Unmatched Valve Performance

Meticulously designed to ensure robust actuation and years of maintenance-free operation, IDEX Health & Science valves provide precise fluid distribution across your platform.

lifetime test data for backpressure of TitanHP 8/9 valve

Figure 1: Our valve development process tests the durability of sealing surfaces for blockages that can increase system backpressure over time. From this plot of the average of 20 valves cycled with a 1X PBS solution at 80 μL/sec over millions of cycles, it is seen that there are minimal increases to the system backpressure, demonstrating material ruggedness and performance.

regardless of flow rate, all ports offer reliable fluidic distribution graph

Figure 2 Graph Flow Rates:

flow rate table of contents

Figure 2: All selector valve designs are thoroughly tested to ensure best in class port-to-port reproducibility. As demonstrated, regardless of the flow rate selected (80 µL – 420 µL/sec, 20 – 22°C, 1X PBS), all ports on the TitanHP 8/9 valve offer consistent, reliable fluidic distribution, giving you confidence even in your most challenging applications.

Ideal for low-pressure fluidic applications including:

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