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Stock up before the end of the year and shop online for fluidics products—from valves, hardware columns, maintenance kits, and spare parts to much more—our vast selection has everything you need for your fluidic instruments and platforms.

Stand Alone Valves

stand alone valves

Add valves to existing instrument or stand alone

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Manual Valves

manual valves

Switching, injection, and selection valves

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Maintenance Kits

RheBuild Kit

Maintenance kits to keep your instruments in tip top shape

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Spare Parts for Valves

spare parts for valves

Full line of fluidic rotor seals and stators

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2.1mm Modular Columns

modular columns

Leak-free gap and gap free seal 2.1mm systems

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2.1mm Isobar Columns

isobar columns

Leak-proof and metal design 2.1mm systems ideal for UHPLC

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Get Connections in Your Hands Faster

Instrument developers spend a lot of time configuring fluidic connections. What you shouldn’t spend time on is waiting for them to arrive. Get connections in your hands faster. We provide timely service, a robust supply, and superior customer support.

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rapid prototype manifolds

Add a Manifold and Streamline Your Fluidics

Streamline your fluidics and accelerate your time to market with our 3D printed, industry-leading manifold prototypes — from order to delivery in 1-2 weeks. The design possibilities are endless, with integration including tubing & fittings, probes, valving (rotary and solenoid), pumps, degassers, and sensors.

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