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VersaChrome Edge™ Tunable Long-wave and Short-wave pass Filters

Dec 25, 2015 by IDEX Health & Science

VersaChrome Edge™ Tunable filters

VersaChrome Edge tunable filters unlock virtually unlimited spectral flexibility for fluorescence microscopy andhyperspectral imaging, as well as for Raman spectroscopy applications. Semrock’s proprietary & patented (U.S. Patent No. 8,441,710 and 9,304,237) tunable thin-film filters use advanced design techniques which can’t be found anywhere else in the market. VersaChrome Edge tunable filters allow users to dynamically tune the LWP or SWP edge for tunable Raman spectroscopy applications. Deep blocking and steep edge transitions allow improved collection of Stokes or Anti-Stokes Raman spectra while tuning to block lasers over energy range 2.21 eV to 1.25 eV.


Tunable Long Pass Filter: Angle tuning of this filter allows for adjustment of long pass edge. Passband range is ~12% of edge.

Tunable Short Pass Filter: Angle tuning of this filter allows for adjustment of short pass edge. Passband range is ~12% of edge.

Full Spectrum Blocking Filter: This filter provides high blocking over a wide spectral range.

Stokes Measurements Stokes Measurement graph

Anti-Stokes Measurements Anti-Stokes Measurement graph

VersaChrome Edge tunable filters transmission graph

Maximize Flexibility Within Instrument Design

By utilizing a combination of VersaChrome Edge tunable long-wave pass and short-wave pass filters, a bandpass filter as narrow as sub 5nm FWHM or as wide as 12% of the center wavelength within the visible and near-infrared wavelength ranges can be created.

Until now, customers unable to find an off-the-shelf bandpass filter to meet their needs had to choose between using a suboptimal filter or purchasing a prototype run of a custom filter specification at significant cost. With the VersaChrome Edge Tunable Filters, Semrock is offering an alternate way to create unlimited bandpass configurations. Our three families of filters (TLP, TSP, and Full Spectrum Blocking) are designed to work together to create the equivalent of a single passband filter in the visible or near infrared. This allows researchers and instrument designers alike to not only create the bandpass they need, but also fine-tune edge positions and to maximize brightness and contrast/signal-to-noise in real time, within their instrument.

Determine which tunable edge filters and full spectrum blocking filter to select to make your own unique passband using the VersaChrome Calculator.

Click here to download our whitepaper on VersaChrome Edge Filters

diagram illustrating how tunable filters work along an axis

For fixed bandwidth tuning, the popular VersaChrome tunable bandpass filters allow you to shift center wavelength (CWL) with a fixed 20nm FWHM bandwidth by up to 11% to the blue through angle-tuning, and are offered in center wavelengths (CWL) tuning from 449 to 900 nm.

VersaChrome Edge Tunable Longpass Filters

Part NumberODavg ≥ 6Edge at 60°Edge at 0°Available?
TLP01-448348 nm to edge≤ 400.0≥ 448.0Contact Us
TLP01-501390 nm to edge≤ 448.0≥ 501.5Contact Us
TLP01-561436 nm to edge≤ 501.5≥ 561.0Contact Us
TLP01-628488 nm to edge≤ 561.0≥ 628.0In Stock
TLP01-704547 nm to edge≤ 628.0≥ 704.0In Stock
TLP01-790613 nm to edge≤ 704.0≥ 790.0In Stock
TLP01-887687 nm to edge≤ 790.0≥ 887.0In Stock
TLP01-995772 nm to edge≤ 887.0≥ 995.0In Stock
TLP01-1116866 nm to edge≤ 995.0≥ 1116Contact Us

VersaChrome Edge Tunable Shortpass Filters

Part NumberEdge at 60°Edge at 0°ODavg ≥ 6Available?
TSP01-448≤ 400.0≥ 448.0Edge to 514 nmContact Us
TSP01-501≤ 448.0≥ 501.5Edge to 575 nmContact Us
TSP01-561≤ 501.5≥ 561.0Edge to 644 nmContact Us
TSP01-628≤ 561.0≥ 628.0Edge to 720 nmIn Stock
TSP01-704≤ 628.0≥ 704.0Edge to 808 nmIn Stock
TSP01-790≤ 704.0≥ 790.0Edge to 907 nmIn Stock
TSP01-887≤ 790.0≥ 887.0Edge to 1017 nmIn Stock
TSP01-995≤ 887.0≥ 995.0Edge to 1140 nmIn Stock
TSP01-1116≤ 995.0≥ 1116Edge to 1279 nmContact Us

BrightLine® Full Spectrum Blocking single-band bandpass filters

Part NumberODavg ≥ 6 (Band 1)PassbandODavg ≥ 6 (Band 2)Available?
FF01-403/95250.0 to 348.0355.0 to 450.0459.0 to 1200.0Limited Quantities
FF01-451/106250.0 to 390.0398.0 to 504.0514.0 to 1200.0In Stock
FF01-505/119250.0 to 436.0445.0 to 564.0575.0 to 1200.0In Stock
FF01-565/133250.0 to 488.0498.0 to 631.0644.0 to 1200.0In Stock
FF01-632/148350.0 to 547.0558.0 to 706.0720.0 to 1200.0In Stock
FF01-709/167350.0 to 613.0625.0 to 792.0808.0 to 1200.0In Stock
FF01-795/188350.0 to 687.0701.0 to 889.0907.0 to 1200.0In Stock
FF01-893/209350.0 to 772.0788.0 to 997.01017.0 to 1700.0In Stock
FF01-1001/234350.0 to 866.0884.0 to 1118.01140.0 to 1700.0In Stock

Watch our video below for more information about Semrock's new VersaChrome Edge Tunable Filters

Download Versachrome Data Sheet