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A Complete UHPLC Bioinert Sample Flow Path

Oct 2, 2023 by IDEX Health & Science

Bioinert Sample Flow Path

IDEX Health & Science Understands the Challenges Associated with Modern UHPLC Separation

Are you looking to design a UHPLC system that enables bioseparations with increased resolution and high throughput? Include a suite of bioinert, metal-free UHPLC liquid chromatography products from IDEX Health & Science. When used together, our available suite of either standard or custom-designed products offers a complete solution for Bioinert UHPLC systems ideal for applications including bio-molecule analysis, protein characterization, and proteomics.

Injection Valves—BioVersal

  • Valve Pressure rated to 1,300 bar (130 MPa, 18,855 psi)
  • Metal-free bioinert flow path
  • Utilizes flat-face sealing ports for zero dead-volume connections

Sample Loops—BioVersal

  • Bioinert PEEK-lined stainless steel
  • Face sealing ensures zero dead volume
  • Finger-tight up to 1,310 bar (131 MPa, 19,000 psi)


  • Bioinert PEEK-lined stainless steel
  • Torque limiting mechanism — cannot be overtightened
  • Face sealing ensures zero dead-volume
  • Minimizes carryover, peak broadening, and peak tailing

Columns—Bioinert Systems

  • PEEK-lined SST column hardware for bioinert applications up to 1,034 bar (103 MPa, 15,000 psi)
  • Combines the strength of our stainless steel UHPLC column (IsoBar) with the chemical inertness of PEEK polymer
  • Eliminates unwanted surface interactions while allowing for a wide range of pH and solvent conditions
  • Packing pressure rating 1,379 bar (138 MPa, 20,000 psi)

Film Degassers—HPLC Degassers

  • Reinforced Teflon AF film, the degassing chamber has a metal-free flow path
  • Universal solvent compatibility, which includes HFIP and Hexane
  • Operates at highest possible pressure minimizing solvent loss to the laboratory atmosphere
  • Consistent degassing efficiency for flow rates from 0 – 10 mL/min
  • Ability to select any given efficiency of degassing for any HPLC system

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