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IDEX Health & Science Launches Flow Cytometry Optical Filters

Jan 31, 2024 by IDEX Health & Science

Nanopede Optical Filters now in NIR

Rochester, New York, January 31, 2024 – IDEX Health & Science has launched the new Semrock® line of Nanopede Optical Filters specifically designed for flow cytometry applications.

“I’m excited for our flow cytometry and fluorescence detection customers,” said Elizabeth Bernhardt, PhD, Application Scientist, “because Nanopede spans the spectrum in a way that offers their instruments flexibility to meet the fluorescence marker innovations both now and in the future.”

Flow cytometry interrogates cells through scattered light measurements and fluorescent markers. In spectral flow cytometry, the fluorescence is collected across the entire spectrum using discrete, back-to-back (spectrally adjacent) optical filters. Then the photons are binned such that spectral unmixing can resolve which fluorescent markers are present in the interrogated cell. As such, spectral flow cytometry requires filters covering the UV, visible, and NIR in discrete steps, which may lead to a desire to balance instrument cost and optical filter performance.

IDEX Health & Science understands these needs, and we are proud to announce our latest Semrock bandpass optical filters, which cover the near UV and visible spectrum in 20 nm Full-Width, Half-Max (FWHM) steps. Moving into the NIR, the FWHM increases to 30 nm. The twenty-six filters in the Nanopede family have been designed with your application in mind and are just the beginning of our evolving flow cytometry product line to match the rapidly developing flow cytometry market. Our team understands that each flow cytometry instrument is different, partner with us on custom optical filters to meet your specific application needs.

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