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Six Benefits of the BioTight Fitting

Feb 29, 2024 by IDEX Health & Science

Six Benefits of BioTight from IDEX Health & Science

BioTight is the newest fitting combination from IDEX Health & Science. While it may be small and compact, it boasts several key benefits that are ideal for low-pressure fluidic applications.

1. Ideal for Tight Spaces:

BioTight™ has a low-profile design making it a true finger-tight solution for those cramped fluidic instrumentation spaces.

2. Versatile:

BioTight is versatile and be used in many life science applications including Genomics, Next Generation Sequencing, IVD Bio, and Chromatography.

3. Easy to Use:

BioTight is as straightforward to assemble as it is to use. The press-fit design of BioTight™ allows for a tight fit without the need to set a high torque seal.

4. Ideal for Low-Pressure Applications:

BioTight thrives in low-pressure applications reliably holding up to 100 psi for 1/8” and 200 psi for 1/16” tubing.

5. Metal-Free:

BioTight& is made from all PEEK components, a strong, inert polymer material, and metal-free for biotechnology and ion chromatography applications.

6. Consistent Performance:

BioTight works with low torque to seal and sealing capability is insensitive to torque which allows for consistent performance in your fluidics platform.

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