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Reduce Downtime and Move Fluids Precisely with Pumps from IDEX Health & Science

Apr 14, 2023 by IDEX Health & Science

long-life precision pumps for fluidic system

At IDEX Health & Science we engineer and manufacture custom fluidics solutions to handle your high-throughput demand. With our pumps, you can confidently implement sophisticated fluid actuation sequences while de-risking your development efforts. We offer a unique combination of materials, designs, and manufacturing processes that provide you with a reliable and precise fluid actuator for your system.

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Capabilities & Features of IDEX Health & Science Pumps

  • Customization—adapted to your application with multiple pump head and piston seal options, various motor wiring configurations, and drive train options
  • Long-life time—Manufactured with ultra-smooth ceramics, chemically inert materials, and abrasive-free polymers for the seals
  • Outstanding precision and accuracy—achieved with long-life stepper motors, and ultra-smooth ceramic pistons with tight tolerances
  • Development and testing—tested with a robust, results-orientated development process
examples for the addition of extra functionality to pump heads

View the IDEX Health & Science Pump Guide

View our comprehensive guide below to learn more about our capabilities and standard pump series. Our standard pump offerings provide you with a wide range of flexibility to build your fluidics instrument platform.

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